4 Very Important Things You Should Be Doing With Your Travel Blog

4 Very Important Things You Should Be Doing With Your Travel Blog

The travel blogging world is hard. There are so many new updates, products, plugins, and social media that dawn upon us every day so it’s hard to cut the crap and find out what we should really be working and focusing on. Well, I have come up with 4 easy things you should be doing with your travel blog today. You may already be doing all these things but, if not, I just added 4 more things to do on your list. Whoops!


1. Collecting emails

With any business emails are the most important thing EVER. I have said this before but I am going to say it again. At any given day, Facebook, Instagram or Twitter could shut down and you would have no way of knowing how to get in touch with those followers again if you didn’t have a contact email for them.  It’s important to start collecting them early because if you want to release products, courses, books etc. then emails will become your number one marketing tool! Not only is it great for that but it’s also great to increase your traffic. I send out weekly emails to my readers and to my fellow bloggers about new articles on the blog. Every time I send those emails my traffic spikes dramatically. It’s a huge traffic referral for me. I used to only do monthly emails because I thought my audience didn’t want to hear from me too often but, in fact, ever since I’ve been sending weekly emails the open rate and increased – and so has my traffic.  I use Mailchimp for all my email needs!



4 Very Important Things You Should Be Doing With Your Travel Blog

2. Joining and promoting Facebook

Facebook groups are my favourite because they reach so many people. I have a different group for just about everything! You can read my 8 different Facebook groups to help you promote your article here. I also want to say that they don’t just stop there! Every time I publish a post I share the post within lots of different groups where my audience hangs out. Have a think; if you were a reader of your blog which Facebook groups would you hang in? There is thousands of travel Facebook groups out there. From backpackers to Europe travel and South East Asia travellers, there’s load to choose from! The good thing is that these people are looking for advice and help on their travels, which is why they joined this group so give them your great advice and make them click on your site.


4 Very Important Things You Should Be Doing With Your Travel Blog

3. Taking advantage of Pinterest

Pinterest traffic is HUGE and since I applied my Pinterest strategy, my click-through rate has increased by 41% and now it’s my number one referrer.  It’s actually really simple to achieve once you understand how Pinterest works and once you put your strategy in place. So, you may be thinking “what is my strategy, and can I have it now?” Well, I have good news for you! I am currently working on an e-course about how to increase your traffic dramatically to your website within 30 days. The bad news is it’s not quite ready yet, BUT if join my VIP list here, you will be the first to know when it comes out, VIP product discounts, tips and tricks.  All I need is your email address so make sure you sign up here to join the VIP list.  Also, to start you will get 5 Pinterest hacks delivered straight to your inbox!


4. Joining webinars and free training

Education is key to travel blogging. There’s no manual on how to be a travel blogger so sometimes it’s like walking into a dark room. Make sure you’re constantly signing up to webinars hosted by entrepreneurs and teachers. The great thing, most of them are free! Two of my favourite entrepreneurs in the blogging world are Melyssa Griffin and Kate McKibbin from Secret Bloggers Business. They regularly host free workshops aimed to help your blogging business. Also, Tailwind usually do Facebook live chats about marketing and loads of other companies like Thinkific and Teachable do too! Make sure your signed up to their email list so you are the first to know. I probably join 2 webinars a week about different aspects of blogging and it has been the most educational thing for me ever.

I would love to know below if you are doing any of the above already on your travel blog. It’s important to share our knowledge so we can become the best blogger we can be! Remember to pre-register for my e-course about how you can dramatically increase traffic to your blog within 30 days.



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4 Very Important Things You Should Be Doing With Your Travel Blog


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