Blog Mentoring



Starting a blog can be difficult. There is so much information on the internet that it’s hard to know what is correct and what is phoney.  I have been blogging for over 5 years now and have gathered a huge amount of experience through starting my own travel blog.  I have tried and tested just about every theory in the book which is why I offer blog mentoring.  Like any business, if you want to make money, it’s great to have a mentor that can help you along with the process.


What kind of mentoring does Anita Hendrieka offer?


Blog Analysis

This is a great option if you feel like you need a second professional opinion.  I will go through your blog and look at the layout and professionalism and give my honest opinion on what could be changed or what you’re doing brilliantly.  I will give you my real personal feedback so you can take that away and improve your site.


Blog Planning Mentoring

To run a successful business, you need to be a man with a plan.  Let me write out a weekly blog, social media and content plan on what you should be focusing on each week.  This comes in a PDF form so you can print it out or set it as your desktop screensaver.  In order to start the session, I need your 3 main goals for your blog and how many hours you’re willing to work each week.  Each plan will be personalised to fit your schedule.


Weekly Mentoring

As I have an abundance of blogging experience from turning my own blog into a business, I will mentor you weekly so we can turn your blog around!  You will get a blogging plan like above with access to support from me personally and a weekly chat session to see how you are achieving your goals.  Minimum 4 weeks mentoring.


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