How To Have Fun While Being Broke In Las Vegas

How To Have Fun While Being Broke In Las Vegas


I had 48 hours in Las Vegas with less than $40USD a day to spend.  What can you achieve with only a little amount of money in this bustling, rich city?  Here’s what I did while being broke in Vegas!


Getting to Las Vegas is pretty darn cheap.  We flew from San Francisco and paid around $70.  I also recommend Megabus which is how we got back to LA.  It was only around $20 each and with Megabus if you book early, you get great deals.

I arrived on a Friday night into Las Vegas and finally found our hostel called ‘Hostel Cat’.  It was in downtown Las Vegas on the ‘old’ strip.  It was nothing special, just an average hostel but had a real community feel to it.  Ew, that sounded like I’m 90 years old.  What I meant to say was “the hostel has a fun vibe”.  Better?  I think so.  Anyway, it took about 20 minutes on the bus to get into the centre or about an hour to walk.  It is only 2 minutes from the famous ‘Little white chapel’.  It is cheap and the hostel has something on every night.  It was one of the better hostels I have stayed in.  The prices start from around $16 US.  Beware, this is not on the new Las Vegas strip with all the fancy hotels.  This is on the old Las Vegas strip so be prepared that it is a bit of a shit hole (excuse my French), and you may spot tumbleweed flying down the road.  It is probably best to arrive in the daytime if you are alone…Don’t let that put you off because it is cheap!  If you really want to stay in one of the hotels you can get really good deals if you are all sharing a room.  Check out Agoda for some great deals.

vegas stripWhen coming right into the heart of the city, you can spend the entire day going from casino to casino and never get bored.  The hotels are glamorous and amazing. My favourite was Caesars Palace because we got to meet Elton John on the red carpet.  Such a highlight!  The Mirage has a free fire show every hour from 6pm-11pm outside, which was amazing to see and a real highlight of the night. Another perk of Las Vegas is that the ladies get everything for free!  Free entry into clubs, free drinks, you name it, the girls get it!

Unfortunately, that’s bad news for the men.  Men, take note to bring a little more money!

Everyone can get free drinks in the casinos as long as you are sat at a machine, gambling.  You do need to tip the waitress so she will keep coming back to you.  I played sneakily and just put in $1 in the machine and was doing 1 cent bets between me and my friend.  Then we would tip the waitress  $1.  So between us, we would only pay  $1 each for a double, (and in the end) triple shots of vodka and coke.  Not a bad deal if I must say so! You can have any drink you want which ranges from spirits, cocktails and wine!

We ate very simple meals within our budget which was mostly at the showcase food court.  They have pretty simple restaurants including Subway, Chinese, Japanese and lots of fast food kind of options as well.  Was reasonably priced and a good place to sober up!  We also used convenience stores like 7/11 for cheap food but, to be honest, the smell put me off buying food from there and the hot dogs had looked like something out of Mars.  Not normal!

Overall I thought Vegas had an awesome vibe.  I really loved it there and had the time of my life. I met some great people and learned a life lesson, never drink Cinnamon whisky EVER again. Being a broke backpacker doesn’t mean you always have to stick to travelling to the mainstream places people say are cheap.  There will always be places you can stay, eat and have fun for next to nothing if you are smart about it and do your research!

Top Tip: Also if you are wanting a $10 tattoo head to Koolsville.  Yes, that is their actual name. 


If you are wanting to find prices for Hostel Cat check out Hostelworld, I highly recommend them.  Also, if you are wanting some more recommendations from travellers, check out Tripadvisor!  I have a blog post on ‘How to get free accommodation’ so check that out if you want to save even more money!  Remember to subscribe to my monthly newsletter for more tips and tricks I don’t share anywhere else!


How To Have Fun While Being Broke In Las Vegas

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  1. February 26, 2017 / 1:15 am

    I was amazed by how much FREE stuff you could get in Vegas and I am long overdue to return. It is such a fun place even of you don’t gamble, which I don’t. Adults playground

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