How Pinterest Has Gained Me Thousands More Readers To My Blog

How Pinterest Has Gained Me Thousands More Readers To My Blog

I have been officially blogging for nearly 6 years now.  I started as a lifestyle blogger but when I moved to London I decided I wanted to talk more about travel.  Over the years, I became more and more passionate and found that I absolutely hated working for other people and I wanted to turn this into my full-time business.  I wanted to travel for as long as I could but I knew I couldn’t save enough to support this dream, so I wanted to be able to earn money from wherever I was in the world, at any time, from my laptop.  Now I am a full-time blogger but mu success hasn’t come without its struggles.

Blogging and creating an online business is incredibly challenging.  It requires hard work and heaps of passion.  One of the biggest struggles I found was increasing my followers and readers.  I was producing quality content and doing all I could with social media.  The views were okay but I wanted more because I am just plain greedy.  I didn’t just want one-time views though, I wanted a bigger, engaged, and returning audience – so I decided to do some research into Pinterest and the news on the grape vine was people were doing incredibly well in promoting their online business on the platform.  I am travel blogger and everyone loves to share travel photos to their bucket list boards, so I decided to divert my energy and away from Facebook and towards Pinterest.

Before I applied my Pinterest strategy, I was reading all the same articles about how to grow your Pinterest. I was putting in all the hard work but I wasn’t seeing any results despite what these people were telling me.  I was getting frustrated.  I gave up for a few months having moments where I thought to myself, “What’s the point in putting all this hard work into it if I’m not seeing results like everyone else is?”  How are all of these bloggers getting thousands of views from Pinterest but I’m not seeing more than a couple of re-pins and clicks?  I was spending hours on these social media platforms and not seeing any results. I spent hours creating pins on Canva and wondered why they were not getting clicked on. I just couldn’t understand it.

I experimented, did a lot of research, and the last 4 months I am super proud of what I have achieved.  I learnt some truths about Pinterest that people are still not talking about, which is part of the reason I wanted to start this course.  I want people to do well with their online business and I really feel that Pinterest can be a key piece to that puzzle if you learn how to use it the right way.  Let me tell you, most people are using this platform the complete wrong way.

How Pinterest Has Gained Me Thousands More Readers To My Blog

When I decided to create my ultimate Pinterest strategy in October my views were roughly at 9,000 per month.  Now, as I am writing this that number has almost tripled!  Yes, now I am getting 27,000 views per month and guess where most of that traffic has come from?  Pinterest, of course.  That is because I have a bullet-proof strategy and I know how to use the platform correctly.  Providing a screenshot of my analytics is usually not something I would ever do as I think it’s quite a personal thing, but I really wanted to be transparent and show you my results. If you look at my July-October traffic it was pretty stagnant. It wasn’t going anywhere quickly. October is when I started applying my strategy and boom, there goes my analytics!

Getting more traffic and readers to your site is every blogger’s nightmare.  It seems like an endless circle and you’re bound to get dizzy, give it up and start new strategies.  What I really wanted to create was not just a short-term solution but a long-term strategy.  I love to-do lists, and maybe you do too.  Since applying my changes my Pinterest basically runs on auto-pilot and I feel like I can finally put a big fat tick next to Pinterest.  I would love to sit down with everyone and tell you how I accomplished this and how you could too but the truth is, I would probably be a 90-year-old granny by the time I finished with everyone.  I have seen people begging for help on Pinterest and I really want to share my success with you which I why I created my ‘Pinterest in Growing’ online course.  You can start and finish this course at any time you would like.  It’s going to be there forever (or until the internet shuts down permanently, at least).  Would you like to know how to finally sky-rocket your views to your website through Pinterest?  Here is a little bit more about the course:


How Pinterest Has Gained Me Thousands More Readers To My Blog

Module 1: Behind the scenes of Pinterest

Lessons inside…

  •  Start treating Pinterest the right way: Pinterest is not a social media so you have probably been using it wrong this whole time.
  • Magical keywords: What are they and how they can be one of the most important factors in this strategy?
  • Measuring your success: Learn how to measure Pinterest analytics to not only measure how far you’ve come but also to explore who your readers are, where they come from and what they love or hate.


Module 2: Pinterest perfection

Lessons inside…

  •  First impressions: Learn how you can make the best first impression on your audience to create quality readership.
  • The importance of theme and originality: Learn how to make sure you stand out from the crowd.
  • What kinds of boards you need: Find out what specific boards to create and which ones to get rid of immediately. How to set up the most beautiful account that will attract new readers and customers.


Module 3: Creating the perfect pin

Lessons inside:

  •  The logistics behind what goes into a perfect pin: En-sure that you’re posting the right pins.
  • How to create the ‘perfect pin’: From font to colour and the size of the pin. What you should and shouldn’t create.
  • A guide to Canva: Step-by-step tutorial on creating your pin on one of the most useful platforms, Canva.


Module 4: Publish the hell out of it!

Lessons inside:

  • Become a Tailwind pro: How and why to use this fantastic platform to make your life 100x easier.
  • Press auto-pilot on Boardbooster: How to use Boardbooster to increase your pins visibility fast.
  • Your new Pinterest schedule: A schedule created for you to save time, money and increase customers and readers to your website. When and how many pins you should be posting.
  • Adding pins to your website: Why and how to add pins to your website to increase share ability plus a few tricks to have up your sleeve!


Module 5: Rich pins = Rich business

Lessons inside:

  •  What are they: I will explain and show you exactly how and why rich pins will help your website.
  • How to set up rich pins: A step-by-step guide on how to create rich pins for your account.


Module 6: We’re in it for the long-term

Lessons inside:

  •  How to promote your pins long-term using Facebook groups: An extra way to promote your beautiful pins!
  • Join the tribe: What are Tailwind’s Tribes and how to use them properly.
  • Group boards: How to use them and which ones to join.


How Pinterest Has Gained Me Thousands More Readers To My Blog

Anything extra?

Yes! Here are some extras for you that will cost you absolutely nothing if you sign up to Pinterested in Growing today.


  • 100 free Boardbooster pins

Boardbooster is such an important part of my strategy because I have more important things to be doing than pinning every day. This will put your Pinterest growth on auto-pilot. How cool is that?


  • Lifetime access

I wouldn’t want to rush you. I want you to get the most out of this course, which is why when you sign up to you will get lifetime access. I know some of us are busy and have a million other things to do, so I welcome you to do the course at your own pace. I also regularly implement changes to the course to ensure it reflects the most up-to-date updates, especially as new information comes to light.


  • Become an affiliate

If you really love what I preach you can apply to join my affiliate scheme where you will earn a percentage of any sale you make off this course. It’s a great opportunity to make a little extra cash and help me help more people! It’s a win-win.


Click here to buy now!



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How Pinterest Has Gained Me Thousands More Readers To My Blog





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