How to make your Pinterest irresistible in 6 steps

How to make your Pinterest irresistible in 6 steps

Pinterest is my number one traffic referral.  It’s such a powerful tool for bloggers and businesses to sell products and promote their website but if your account is not irresistible then you’re going to struggle.  Pinterest is all about the visual.  It’s like Instagram where there’s a lot of beautiful pictures on show so it’s important that you stand out from the crowd if you want to do the very best you can!  Here are 6 things you can do to make your Pinterest irresistible.  Your traffic will go mad, trust me!


  1. Have a theme

Just like Instagram, your account will do super well if you have a theme. The theme should always be your blog niche.  Never have boards that aren’t related to your blog or website because really, what’s the point in that?  My theme is purely travel and I also love colour so I have a line of boards that are purely for ‘pink destinations’ and ‘blue destinations’.  If you want a really good example of a theme done right, then look at Justonewayticket’s Pinterest account.  It’s damn amazing.  You want your profile to be beautiful so think about grouping different boards together on the same line if they are related.  Also, think about the board names.  Make sure they are clear and not a random name that doesn’t relate to what your pinning.



  1. Post only beautiful photos

It may seem obvious but some people don’t get the point that Pinterest is entirely visual and you need to post beautiful long photos not blurry and bad quality photographs.  Don’t get caught up in re-pinning your other peer’s pins if they aren’t going to align with your profile.  Be picky in what you pin!  If you are part of a Facebook Pinterest share group, then maybe you could have one board where you pin those pins and call it ‘travel tips from bloggers’ or whatever your niche is and join threads that are your niche because you don’t want to pin fashion photos if you’re a travel blogger.


  1. Post viral photos amongst your own content

Re-pinning viral content is a good trick to use. If they have thousands of shares it a good chance you will get some views or even click-throughs to your site because it has been shared so much and people are interest who else pinned it.  It’s just another chance for you to get noticed.  As I am a travel blogger, I will type in specific things within my niche like ‘luxury travel’ or ‘New Zealand landscapes’ and there will be bunch of trending images I can re-pin on various boards.  I try to make 50% of my re-pins information related posts (pins from my website or peers pins) and the rest just image-based.  I use Tailwind to schedule all my pins and it literally saves me hours!


How to make your Pinterest irresistible in 6 steps

  1. Go for quality not quantity

You could have thousands of pins on your profile but if they are all shit-quality then it’s a waste. You want to go for quality not quantity.  Look for quality pins that also have reputable links because you don’t want to post spam pins. That will look bad on you otherwise.


  1. Think of yourself as a random Pinterest user

Log out of your account, maybe use a friends if you can, and just imagine you’re an everyday person who loves Pinterest and is interested in your niche. What do you think they would re-pin?  What kind of content do you think they would find useful?  Do some research on the people that follow you if you don’t really know where to start. Sometimes we get so caught up in the blogger world that we forget who we are writing or posting for.  We want to cater for our audience and not ourselves.  So, I suggest you go on your followers list and pick a random person (not a blogger).  See what they are re-pinning, what kind of boards they like etc.  Do this with a few different people and you will soon get an idea on what people love to see in your niche.  Take your business-y blogger hat off for an hour or two and just enjoy Pinterest as an everyday user.



  1. Create beautiful board covers

You may have noticed that a lot of people these days are creating board covers that clearly state what that board is about.  It’s a fantastic idea and very aesthetically pleasing on the eye.  You don’t have to create anything fancy, it could just be a beautiful image that represents that board or you could just make something on Canva like I did which has a beautiful photo and the board name clearly stated.  This will give your account another boost and make it look very organised and gorgeous!



So, there you go.  There are 6 ways you can make your Pinterest irresistible!  If you want more Pinterest tips then sign up to my email list where you will get 5 Pinterest hacks delivered straight your inbox.  I also have an e-course ‘Pinterested in Growing’ where I teach you how to gain thousands of readers to your website just from Pinterest (sign up here). Make sure to leave your Pinterest questions below too and sign up to Tailwind so you can schedule all your pins in one go.


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How to make your Pinterest irresistible in 6 steps


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  1. May 16, 2017 / 1:45 am

    Have really started focusing on Pinterest for 2017 and definitely see excellent results so far. Some additional very helpful tips, thanks! 🙂

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