Travel Tips You Need From The Most Influential Travel Bloggers – Part Two

Travel Tips You Need From The Most Influential Travel Bloggers - Part Two

About a month ago I interviewed a bunch of travel bloggers that are taking the travel industry by storm.  As promised here is a part two of ‘Travel tips from the most influential bloggers’. This time featuring, and more!  If would like to read part 1 then click here.


Travel Tips You Need From The Most Influential Travel Bloggers - Part Two

Sabrina Iovino |

Sabrina is in charge of the wonderful blog, justonewayticket.  For a long time, Sabrina has been one of my travel blogger idols.  She provides the world with useful, practical information with a side of humour!  She quit her job in 2008, started to travel the world and hasn’t looked back since.  If you haven’t checked out her blog, you must do it ASAP, her photography is amazing too.  With over 100,000 people reading her blog, it is fair to say she is a game changer in the travel blog scene.


Which country has been the most challenging for you and why?

India, for sure.  I was wearing a burka because I couldn’t deal with all the attention.  I even wrote a blog post called Why India makes you feel like a Superstar.


What is the most beautiful and surreal experience you have had during your travels that you would love to share?

 Getting lost in the archipelago of El Nido (Palawan, Philippines).  It’s such a surreal scenery, the lime stones, the crystal clear turquoise waters, shallow lagoons.  I felt like Alice in Wonderland.


What is the one thing travelling around the world has taught you? What do you think is the most important lesson to be learnt?

The world is not a scary place, and there are so many great people around the globe that shared their life, their homes or just a meal with me.  People are different in every culture, but in the end we all search for happiness.


Travel Tips You Need From The Most Influential Travel Bloggers - Part Two

Wandering Earl |

It is fair to say Wandering Earl is like the grandfather of all travel blogs (I promise, I’m not calling you old Earl!).  He has the best advice and is very experienced in his niche.  If you want good travel information then check out his site!


What is the biggest tourist trap of all time in your eyes?

I don’t really pay attention to things like tourist traps. Even if a particular place such as a market or tourist sight is completely set up for travellers, you can still always find genuine people, have rewarding interactions and some excellent travel experiences.


One lesson working abroad has taught you?

People all over the world are the same, regardless of where a person is from, how much money they have or what religion they are and so on.  Everyone just wants to have enough money to survive, live a simple, happy life, spend time with family, friends and new, interesting people and make the most of their time on this planet.  I learned this as soon as I started working with different groups of people from all over the world.


What’s the safest way to carry your money when travelling?  Do you carry it on a card, cash, travellers cheques or a combination of all 3?

Debit card.  Get a debit card that doesn’t charge any international ATM fees and this way, you can take out small amount of money whenever you need it and don’t need to worry about having a lot of cash on you at all times.


Travel Tips You Need From The Most Influential Travel Bloggers - Part Two

Nathan Allen | 

Nathans runs the ‘not just a travel blog’ travel blog called Idreamedofthis.   His photography is absolutely stunning and his articles will make you want to travel for the rest of your life.


What’s one destination that reminded you of paradise?

El Nido, Palawan – Philippines. It doesn’t “remind” of paradise….there is no questions that it IS paradise 🙂


What’s a top spot in the world that you have yet to explore?

Cliche, but I still dream about Machu Picchu.  Salar de Uyuni salt flat in Bolivia is a close second.


Have you volunteered abroad before and how do people find a reputable organisation to do it with?

I was in the Philippines during typhoon Yolanda, and I volunteered to do repacking afterward.  Luckily I was in a region with a good reputation, so I didn’t worry about how exactly the goods were used.  I’m not sure what kind of advice I would give to those searching…perhaps do a Google search and look at the quality of sites covering or linking to organizations you might be interested in supporting.  That’s what I would do.


Travel Tips You Need From The Most Influential Travel Bloggers - Part Two

Roëlle Boonstra | 

 Roëlle runs a fantastic blog on travel destinations and lifestyle posts.  She’s from The Netherlands (don’t worry, you can translate her blog to English if you cannot read Dutch!).  She has some fantastic travel tips you need to check out!


What are 2 items you recently added to your suitcase?

Hmm, item I recently added huh?  Well, I did just finish my trip around Andalucia, Spain.  I added a really cute dress which I got from my boyfriend.  I think even though you may travel far and a lot, you always have to have a cute dress/outfit in your bag for the nights out!  I got mine in Málaga.  And next to that, I added my laptop!  Usually I don’t carry my laptop around when I am on holiday, but this trip I did.  There was so much to write about that I didn’t regret having it!


Would you rather travel by yourself or with someone else? Why?

I’d rather travel with someone, because you’ll always have someone to share your deeper thoughts, moments or adventures with.  I did travel alone through Paris two years back, but I felt like I wanted to talk to someone so bad!  I can imagine that when you go somewhere for a longer time, you will meet people and you’ll maybe find that buddy to talk to.  But I will always want to go with someone I care about.


What is the best bit of advice you can give to someone when everything starts to go wrong while travelling?

Oh, I love this question.  When I started my world trip, someone gave me the best advice, it was on the airport of Dubai.  I was walking towards the passport-check and this British guy started talking to me.  He told me: “Your journey won’t be a good story to tell if nothing goes wrong!”.  I remembered that phrase and it became my mantra when something happened that wasn’t planned.  The true advice here is: just go with it.


Travel Tips You Need From The Most Influential Travel Bloggers - Part Two

Melissa Giroux |  

Melissa Giroux is originally from Quebec, Canada.  She is a backpacker full time since June 2014 and a travel blogger at She left everything behind to travel for two months… So far, she never came back.  On her fifth backpacking experience, she is currently enjoying Australia on a long term trip.  Read her broken stories as a traveller with debts and massive doses of craziness.


Have you ever been to a destination and just thought ‘Wow I could live here forever’.  Where is this place?

I had the chance to have a lots of “Wow” thoughts, but the thing I love about travelling is not to have to feel “stuck” in one place.  I got a big crush on the Greek Islands and on the Canadian Rockies (which is in my own country, but far enough from home).  Now that I am in Australia, my first thought was that I could not live here forever.  Nearly 10 months later, I already got my second year visa so I can stay longer here.  Life is full of unexpected!


What was the most over rated tourist attraction you have been to?

This is a tricky one.  I am the type of traveller who loves to discover secret spots, where you are not trapped in a tourist crowd.  I just think that it’s ruining the moment, the experience. I am pretty sure that some attractions could be a lot better if you plan to visit it in the death season.  Anyway, I saw the famous “Mona Lisa”, I crossed the Capilano Bridge and I enjoyed the Great Ocean Road (which was really too crowded).


I recently did a blog post on ‘Rules you should follow when staying in a hostel, have you had a bad hostel experience that has made you think of a rule you would like added to the list?

I laughed when I read your post.  Definitely, all these situations happened to me.  Conclusion: I still love hostels, but some backpackers are just too selfish.  I could add:

Don’t cross my borders

Please, don’t sit on my bed, don’t even think eating on it and worse, don’t put your garbage on it.  Respect this: my bed; my place.


Travel Tips You Need From The Most Influential Travel Bloggers - Part Two

Victoria Brewood | 

 Since 2008 Victoria has been travelling the world. After leaving university she decided to pursue her passion for travel, so she packed up to work remotely and live a location independent lifestyle.   She has travelled to 44+ countries so far and it killing it on the travel blogging scene!


Who was the most interesting person you have ever met while travelling?

I’ve met so many interesting people over the years that it’s hard to pinpoint just one.  There’s Rob from the blog Stop Having a Boring Life- I was serving him mojitos at a beach bar in Lagos, Portugal back in 2010 and neither of us knew we were bloggers at the time.  Then there’s Rhonda and Brian aka The Unstoppable Family- I met them out in Bali and they became good friends.  They’re incredibly positive people who really helped me to change my outlook.  There’s my friend Kyle who I met on my very first trip to Sydney and he’s given me a place to stay in Austin Texas about 4 times now.  There’s Caitlin who was my partner-in-crime in Brazil who I talk to daily…the list goes on.  My friends are scattered all over the world and I wouldn’t have it any other way.


What is the one bit of advice you can give to first time backpackers?

Just don’t plan too much.  When I first went backpacking in Australia I’d planned this big trip on a hop-on-hop-off bus.  I met loads of people along the way and I sort of wished I could stay longer in each place but I was confined to a strict amount of time because I’d booked flights into Sydney and out of Cairns.  When you go travelling for the first time you’re going to make lots of friends so it’s best not to have too much planned.  You’ll end up either missing out or wasting money on missed trains/buses/tours because you decided to stay and hang with your new buddies for a while.


Are you a person who likes to plan before you head off somewhere or would you rather turn up and figure it out as you go?

 I do a little bit of both.  I plan as far as the flights and the accommodation! Then I figure the rest out when I get there.  If there’s something I particularly want to do and I know you have to book in advance then I’ll do it but otherwise I’m a ‘fly by the seat of my pants kinda gal’ (sorry to quote Pretty Woman! ).  When I arrive in a new city I usually open up the Yelp app to find good places to eat.  I’ll read a few blogs and look at the top things to do or the top restaurants. I’m a big foodie so I like to spend most of my time in cafes, with a few sights or quirky things thrown in.



Travel Tips You Need From The Most Influential Travel Bloggers - Part Two

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What great tips did you gather from these fantastic travel bloggers?  Want some more tips, tricks and advice?  Read my articles on ‘How to get free accommodation’ and ‘How to get the cheapest flight’.  If you want more advice feel free to skype me or send me over some questions!  Check out World Nomads for cheap and reliable travel insurance and read my article on ‘How to choose travel insurance’.



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