Why You Should Be Utilizing Pinterest Marketing

Why You Should Be Utilizing Pinterest Marketing

Pinterest is an incredible platform which is often not utilized enough by bloggers.  It’s a fantastic way to gain hundreds, even thousands of new readers and customers.  It is very easy to use once you learn how to use it the right way, which is something I teach in my e-course – Pinterested in Growing (sign up here).  Since applying my Pinterest strategy my traffic has increased staggeringly and it’s become my number 1 traffic refer even though I spend the least amount of time on it!  I love Pinterest for growing my blog so here’s why you should be utilizing Pinterest marketing for your blog too.



It drives traffic to your website

As said previously, Pinterest is my number one traffic referrer. It drives readers that are interested in my pin to my website.  How do you do that?  Well, you pick an eye-catching photo, a grabbing header, but that’s not it.  The thing I love about Pinterest is you can self-promote yourself every single day unlike Instagram or Facebook.  Sure, you can have a link in your Instagram profile and share your content on Facebook but when sharing my pins on Pinterest I share about 30 pins every day that are entirely relating to my website content.  You can also do that with Twitter but a pin doesn’t have a 3 second lifespan, Pinterest will go on for months. With a combination of different tips and a good Pinterest strategy you can hundreds of new views on your blog.



Increases sales with affiliates

Pinterest allows affiliates again, wahoo!  You can pin images with an affiliate links and it’s completely legal to do so.  This is such a good way to increase your affiliate sales because 55% of US users prefer Pinterest for a buying platform for purchasing rather than Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkdIn and Snapchat.  Did you know that?  Pinterest users actually want to spend their money which is great for you if you want to start earning money from affiliates.  I learnt this trick from Michelles e-course ‘Making sense of affiliates’ which I highly recommend taking!


Pinterest users are buyers

Carrying on from the previous point, Pinterest users actually want to buy stuff unlike the other platforms!  These people are active buyers so if you have a product or service to sell this is one marketing platform you should definitely be using.


Increased email sign ups

You can increase your email signup through Pinterest too!  You can simply add a pin with an opt in, for example: maybe you have an e-book about ‘10 places to visit before they are gone’ which you offer when someone signs up to your newsletter.  You should make a pin that will take your Pinterest audience to a page that has the email sign up clearly stated within that page. This will make them become long-term readers and once you grab their email address you can eventually sell them your related products if that’s the way you’re heading.



A pin lives a lot longer than a tweet or Facebook post

A tweet supposedly lasts a few seconds and Facebook posts will probably last a couple of days but a pins traffic can last for months!  This is a fantastic reason to jump on board Pinterest.  Pinterest is a long-term marketing strategy, which can be very beneficial for your blog.  Your pin will be on their account for a lifetime.  Imagine if you tried to look back on a tweet from a week ago, for me, that would be impossible because I am constantly sharing so much content.


People love organising!

Why do people love Pinterest?  People love to put things in boxes, make lists especially that to-do list.  Pinterest makes it easier for them to make visual lists.  If you’re a travel blogger you may find your content on a lot of ‘Bucket list’ boards.  If you’re a DIY blogger, then you will find your content under ‘DIY to try’ or something similar.


If a large chunk of your audience to your website is female, then you should be utilizing Pinterest marketing.  81% of Pinterest users are female and 60% are from the USA.

Here are some other great facts for you:

  • Millennials use Pinterest as much as Instagram.
  • Half of Pinterest users earn more than $50K a year
  • 93% of active Pinterest users said they use Pinterest to plan their purchases
  • 87% of users say they have purchased something through Pinterest.


SO, tell me now, are you utilizing Pinterest marketing?  Do you think you could use Pinterest better?  I teach everything to know about Pinterest in my comprehensive course Pinterested in Growing.  Did you know most bloggers are using Pinterest completely wrong?  You will find more about that in my course and how to use it properly.


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Why You Should Be Utilizing Pinterest Marketing


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