What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed Or Cancelled

What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed Or Cancelled

The most annoying part of travelling, except for getting felt up in places that shouldn’t be felt by security, is your flight being cancelled, delayed or you being changed onto a different flight.  Here is a quick list to help you guys out on what to do next.

Don’t freak out!  The number one lesson I learnt while travelling is to just go with the flow and never panic if something doesn’t go to plan.  Always look on the positive side, everything happens for a reason!  You don’t want to be that panic-ridden lady that’s yelling at every airport worker making an embarrassment of herself, do you?  By all means kick up a fuss if they are being rude and not co-operating but there is no need to act like a 4 year old who has lost their teddy bear.

 Head to the airline desk and figure out a solution.  Demand details and tell them of any connecting flights you need to catch.  If it is their fault that the flight has been cancelled, delayed or shifted, then they have to sort a solution for you and deal with getting you new flights if you’re going to miss your connecting one.  Bargain with them if you think something is unfair or unreasonable.  Ask for any compensation, food vouchers, accommodation vouchers, anything that you need until the next flight.  Always ask if there’s a possibility of a FREE upgrade, because one day they might surprise you, and give you one!

Contact your travel insurance provider and ask what they can offer you.  If you have signed up for policy that includes compensation when your flight is delayed or cancelled, then ask them what your excess is to get hold of that money.  If you have signed up to a policy which will give you $100 because your flight is delayed but your excess is $100, then there is no point in going through the hassle.

What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed Or Cancelled

If your luggage has been checked in already then find out where it will end up, because chances are if your flight has been cancelled or if you have been moved there is a high risk your luggage may get lost in the midst of it all. Best to know all the details so it is easier to find it later.  Keep all tickets and receipts for proof in case they ask for it.

Tell your family/friends that your flight is delayed. It may effect the person that will be picking you up or you are meeting.

Stock up on food and make sure your phone is charged.  People might need to get hold of you or the other way around so make sure your phone is ready to go so you’re contactable.  Stock up on some food to munch on as well!  Who knows how long it may take to get to your destination.  Have some emergency snacks on hand.



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What To Do If Your Flight Is Delayed Or Cancelled

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