10 Major Travel Mistakes to Avoid

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10 Major Travel Mistakes to Avoid

Experienced travellers know how to organize their trips properly. They’ve faced almost all kinds of challenges and drew valuable lessons from the mistakes they made in their previous trips. You can’t expect a flawless vacation since travelling is associated with unpredictable situations that may occur. However, you can do your best to prevent some pity blunders from happening. Very often, being in the state of the pre-travel thrill and excitement, you overlook some essential things. In order to avoid any unpleasant moments, you need to be aware of what might happen. The guys behind godatenow.com compiled a list of some common mistakes you should never repeat.

1. Ignoring the stage of preparation.

The preparation stage starts with picking the destination and ends with packing the suitcases. There are some basic things you should include on your preparation to-do list. Check out the weather forecast, especially if you’re going to a beach resort. Conduct a small research into entertainment and attractions you want to see. Very often, tourists think they will decide on the spot, but it happens so that they miss many interesting things. Plan your travel budget: estimate how much money you’ll spend on food, excursions, transport, souvenirs.


2. Not knowing the season in your destination.

Another mistake that many tourists make is not checking whether it’s high or low season in the country of your destination. For example, in Asia and on the Caribbean islands, summer is a rainy season. Although rains can be not very frequent, humidity is very high. In Egypt and the UAE, sandstorms are typical of spring.

3. Disregarding local culture and traditions.

Every country has its peculiarities that you should learn before you go there. For example, in Arabic countries, it’s not recommended to show your feelings in public – kissing is condemned. In Thailand, you can’t point at things or directions with your feet. In Morocco, you should wear clothes that fully cover your body, though tourists are allowed to leave the head uncovered.


10 Major Travel Mistakes to Avoid
4. Violating the laws.

Before you travel to a new country, study its traffic rules and some legal peculiarities. In some European countries, you can be imposed a 500-euro fine for smoking in public places or crossing the street in the wrong place. In the countries where people sort garbage, this rule is obligatory for tourists too.


5. Choosing expensive transport.

The bigger part of your travel budget is usually spent on transportation. There are many ways you can save on your transportation costs. Getting to or from the airport is cheaper by public transport than by taxi. Since taxi drivers often don’t have small change, make sure you some have petty cash in your wallet. You can travel within the country using different means of transport – train, plane, taxi, ferry. Consider renting a car if it’s cheaper.


6. Visiting popular attractions on the weekend.

On the weekends, amusement parks, museums, and other tourist attractions are crowded not only with foreign visitors but locals as well. It’s recommended to visit such popular places on weekdays, preferably in the beginning of a week.


10 Major Travel Mistakes to Avoid
7. Overpaying.

Overpaying for local mobile communication, leaving too big tips, not using the discounts – these are very popular travel mistakes. How to spend less?
– Buy a local SIM-card or use free Wi-Fi spots to make calls via Viber or Skype.
– While in New York you are asked for a 20% tip, in Prague – 7% is enough.
– In many countries, you can get a discounted combi ticket for visiting several attractions.
– Similar souvenirs are sold in different parts of the city. Cheaper options are away from the city centre. Just search and compare.

8. Eating disorderly.

There are two aspects of this problem. First is eating near the tourists’ spots where everything is twice as expensive as in a café or a restaurant on the adjacent street. Second is tasting all national dishes. You don’t know how your organism will react to new food, so don’t try to taste everything at once – get acquainted with the local cuisine gradually.

9. Not wearing uncomfortable clothes and shoes.

You can see women wearing heels and evening gowns in planes on the pages of fashion magazines. In reality, you should choose the appropriate outfit for trips. Walking in high heels down the cobblestone streets is extremely uncomfortable. You should wear something more walkable. Don’t put on new shoes you bought right before the trip. Break your shoes in to make sure your feet will not suffer. Also, don’t forget about a hat or cap.

10.  Not taking a first-aid kit with you.

It’s recommended to pack all necessary medicines that you may need on your trip. Some stuff may be unavailable in another country. It may turn out that you must have a prescription to get an elementary medicine you easily buy at home. Make sure your kit contains a sunscreen.

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