5 Things Not To Do in Amsterdam

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 5 Things to not do in Amsterdam www.anitahendrieka.com

Normally you see travelling articles telling what you need to do in this and that city.  Well, today here are 5 things NOT to do in my favourite city – Amsterdam! 

Don’t smoke pot the entire time

The locals don’t even smoke it as much as you think they might.  It is put on for the tourists.  If you want to experience the Dutch culture then I can tell you that being stoned for the whole time you are there is not how the Dutch live.  Don’t be that person who can’t remember their whole trip because they smoked too much whacky baccy.  It is not the locals who cause trouble because of the drugs, it’s the tourists.  So, smoking it does not make you Dutch if that’s what you think.

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Don’t stare at your map on a bicycle lane

You will soon find out that if you do not look up, you can pretty much say goodbye to a limb.  The locals get so frustrated with tourists who walk or cross the bike lanes without looking.  I would be irritated as well if I was on my way to work and some douche decided to step out in front of me because they don’t know the rules.  If you hear a bell coming from behind you, run as fast as you can out of there!


Don’t take photos of the windows in the Red Light District

You will get thrown into the canal by a non apologetic PIMP.  Keep your phone in your front pocket when going down the alley ways in the Red Light District too.  While tourists are distracted looking at the pretty ladies, this is a prime time for pick-pocketers to nab your goodies!  Keep everything at the front of you.  If you want to negotiate a price for a lady make sure you have seen what coloured light is above them!  If it’s red then it’s a woman.  If it’s a red and blue then you have just brought a lady-man – enjoy.


Do not think a coffee shop means they sell coffee

In Amsterdam a coffee shop is where you can buy the drugs and smoke them.  You might find coffee here but you might also have to buy a bag of weed.  If you are looking for a hot drink with no twist then look for a cafe.  Try not to get mixed up and bring your parents into the coffee shops by mistake.


Don’t eat at fast food chains for your entire trip

Experience local cuisine, its delicious!  I am bias because I come from a Dutch background I have grown up with the food.  If you are around the city at New Years you HAVE to try the oliebollen!  It’s a Dutch doughnut with apple, sultanas, currants and raisins.  They are so scrumptious!  Of course you have to try bitterballen as well.  My mouth is literally watering right now.  Stamppot is another classic.  I make it with potatoes and kale mashed together and then Dutch sausage on the side called rookworst.  This is a hearty meal and is a classic in Dutch households.  They are also mad on apple so you definitely have to try an appeltaart while you are there!  So much food you need to try!

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I hope you liked this post and you got some good tips on what not to do in Amsterdam.  Don’t forget to get travel insurance when you head to a new destination.  I use World Nomads!


5 things not to do in amsterdam

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    January 14, 2016 at 1:13 pm

    HI there, entertaining post 🙂 I liked your comment about not eating at fast food chains when traveling. We try not to, but if we have to, we try to go to a place that is not in our home area (In N out, Zaxby’s, ect). Thank you also for the hint about coffee shops. Now we know, lol.

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    March 3, 2016 at 10:23 pm

    Stamppot! I visited a family friend in Breda and she made this dish for us – it was absolutely delicious but I totally forgot the name of it – thank you for reminding me, I will be making that for my dinner next week now! 🙂

    Aww you’ve just made my day thank you!

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