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My name is Anita Hendrieka and I am currently 25 years old.  I’m from the beautiful Aotearoa (New Zealand).  At 17 I moved out of home to follow my passion for designing.  I studied Interior design for a year and grabbed a diploma.  At 19 I got bored of the 9-5 work life (already!) and wanted something new and exciting to sink my teeth into.  That is when I decided to buy a one-way ticket to the UK and get myself a working holiday visa.  My original plan was to only stay for a year, but I stayed for the full two years (that my visa allowed) and travelled in my spare time meeting a bunch of new and interesting people that have taught me some important lessons in my life.  It’s given me a complete brand new positive perspective on everything and I wanted to share everything with you on this blog.

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I started blogging in 2011, being inspired by the blogger Gala Darling.  Originally my blog was a D.I.Y and lifestyle, but after being bored of writing that kind of content I decided to switch to a travel blog when I moved overseas in 2012.  I always have loved creative projects and I feel that blogging really challenges me to work towards something and gives me deadlines to meet.  

Anita Hendrieka
Anita Hendrieka

Fast forward a few years and I am living in Albania and making the most of the sunshine whilst on my laptop with a beautiful view of the sea.  My aim is to tarnish misconceptions about certain destinations and tell you my stories and opinions but also give you my advice to be the best traveller you can be.  I want to inspire you to get out there and travel and prove that anyone can do it, it’s not only a dream.

I am a passionate traveller and I have seen what difference travelling can do to someone.  It’s not only a fun holiday but travelling opens your mind and lets you dive deeper into the different cultures on the planet.  I have learnt more about history and geography than I ever did in school, so for me travelling is the best form of education.  You also learn a lot about yourself whilst travelling.  You learn your limits, you build your confidence and you learn who you really are as a person.  You learn what’s important to you and learn what you really don’t care for.

There are a lot of misconceptions about travelling and about certain countries.  I have noticed that a lot more as I travel more.  Therefore, I am so passionate about teaching and opening peoples’ minds about certain destinations.  Just remember, if someone questions the country you’re travelling to just ask them, have you been there yourself?  I find a lot of misconceptions are from news stories from 10 years ago and not from their own personal experiences.