Can You Qualify for Your Dream Social Work Career and Travel at The Same Time?

Can You Qualify for Your Dream Social Work Career and Travel at The Same Time?

Working in a social work career is something a lot of people aspire to, as it can be a way to help people and make the community a better place to be in. If this is your dream career, then you need to work hard to get the qualifications that are required for social work positions and learn the right skills. Naturally, though, as someone who wants to help others and work with people, you may also be interested in travel – for instance, to do volunteer work in another country. Travel like this can allow you to meet lots of different people, have some amazing and unique experiences, and also make a huge difference.

But how easy is it to take on a volunteer trip as well as moving towards your ideal career in social work?


Online Social Work Courses

To begin your social work career, you will probably need a master level educational qualification in the field. Fortunately, if you want to travel, it is possible to do an online MSW with a number of reputable universities, including Rutgers Online. Employers have been shown to recognize online degrees as just as credible as degrees gained through the traditional means at a university campus, so doing an online masters in social work actually gives you a lot of benefits and doesn’t harm your career prospects. One of those benefits is being able to study anywhere if you have an internet enabled device and a connection. This makes it possible to travel and also take on work, volunteer or paid, while you are completing your MSW course.


Can You Qualify for Your Dream Social Work Career and Travel at The Same Time?

Travel Can Enhance Your Knowledge

While it may seem hard at first to manage your time and balance working on an online MSW program with volunteer work overseas, those who try it generally find that the experiences they gain from traveling really help them relate to their course material. Travel is generally valued as a life experience by employers, too, and volunteer work can also be a good thing for your resume. By racking up all this knowledge and experience while you are studying, you will not only boost your resume and make yourself more employable when you qualify but also meet people and have experiences that will help you make sense of the stuff you are studying.

Time Management

By its very nature, doing two things at once will teach you how to manage your time better, and this is also something that will help you a lot in your future professional career. If you can juggle traveling and volunteer work with gaining a master’s, you’ll learn a lot about how you work best and what you need to do to achieve things. This will stand you in good stead in the future.


If you are dedicated to the idea of getting your social work qualifications but also want to travel, you can get some great benefits by combining the two and choosing an online degree path.




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