Where I Would Travel if I Won the Lotto

Where I Would Travel if I Won the Lotto

I don’t know about you, but sometimes I find myself in a daydream planning my whole life around what I would do if I won the lotto, especially after some lucky person won the £1 billion jackpot earlier this year with Powerball!  So, I thought it would be fun to put that daydream onto paper (or virtually) and discuss all the places I would love to visit.  There are certain destinations that without a big enough budget you won’t get to experience the full potential and the true luxurious side of the destination.


Make sure you tell me in the comments which place you would love to visit if you won the jackpot with Lottoland!


Where I Would Travel To if I Won the Lotto

The Maldives

I know you can explore the Maldives on a budget but if I won the lotto I would fully take advantage of the luxury villas and resorts that are situated throughout the islands of the Maldives.  The Maldives boasts crystal clear turquoise water and an incredible underwater life.  I would love to go diving and see what lies beneath the surface!  I can imagine myself right now in an over the water bungalow drinking champagne in a hot tub overlooking paradise.  Anyone else in?


Where I Would Travel if I Won the Lotto


Antarctica is a big bucket list item and unfortunately, it is very expensive to visit but for good reason.  It’s unlike anywhere else on the planet. I desperately want to see wild polar bears and glaciers, so I think a cruise to Antarctica would be fantastic.  Of course, it’s the total opposite of my vacation in the Maldives.  Maybe if I visit here first then I can warm up in the Maldives afterwards!  Oh, the options!


Where I Would Travel if I Won the Lotto

Tahiti, French Polynesia

I have always dreamed of having a honeymoon-like experience in Tahiti.  With celebrities flocking there it has made Tahiti one of the most exclusive islands to travel to.  Tahiti has incredible wildlife and lots of fun activities like diving, surfing, hiking, swimming with dolphins, stingrays and sharks and even ATV driving!  Not to mention this place is like a postcard in every way.  Again, I would rent an overwater bungalow, preferably with a private swimming pool and the choice to swim in the ocean too.


Where I Would Travel if I Won the Lotto

The Bahamas, Caribbean

The Bahamas is really a hot tourist destination in the Caribbean.  Ever since I was a little girl after watching Mary-Kate and Ashley Olsen’s film ‘Holiday in the Sun’, I have wanted to visit this island for a relaxing holiday of doing absolutely nothing except for sunbathing, swimming and eating.  I would rent a private yacht and sail around the island visiting all that it has to offer.  Maybe I could even sail to the neighbouring islands.


Where I Would Travel if I Won the Lotto


Although Mexico is incredibly affordable it still is a long way from where I normally travel, I would fly business class of course.  My money would go far in Mexico which means I could travel for a very long time, sounds great to me!  Why Mexico?  The beaches mirror paradise, delicious margaritas and Mexican food is in my favourite top 2.  Unlimited tacos and guacamole, count me in!  I would eat and drink my way around Mexico whilst renting a jeep, so I could explore every inch of this fascinating and beautiful country.  Who’s with me?


Where I Would Travel if I Won the Lotto

Cape Town, South Africa

Cape Town really fascinates me.  The food scene looks incredible, nature is breath-taking and it’s an affordable place to travel in.  I would love to hike up Table Mountain and explore the local wineries too.  I have a feeling I would really like South Africa as I love any destination that has incredible nature and spectacular views.  Cape Town’s climate also attracts me as in the winter the temperature is around 7-20 degrees Celsius.  Now that’s what I’m talking about!


Let me know below three destinations you would explore if you won the lottery.  Would you pick a tropical paradise or maybe a season on the slopes?


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