Hotel Review: Kenzi Solazur Hotel in Tangier, Morocco

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Hotel Review: Kenzi Solazur Hotel in Tangier, Morocco

Nestled in the up and coming city of Tangier, right on the waterfront is a hotel with possibly one of the best views in the city.  Tangier was hugely popular in the 50’s and was a haven for artists, writers and anyone creative.  This place has a Moroccan charm with a slight European feel as you can literally see Spain in the distance.  It’s only a hop, skip and jump from Europe, which makes it attractive to travellers from Spain and other countries nearby.

I was lucky enough to be hosted by the sophisticated Kenzi Solazur Hotel for one night.  It was a quick visit to Tangier, but my time was enjoyable and filled with an entertaining dinner.  The Kenzi Solazur was the perfect place to crash and relax after a day of travelling and exploring Tangiers late-night markets.  The best thing is that it is affordable luxury!

Hotel Review: Kenzi Solazur Hotel in Tangier, Morocco


As I said, this hotel is right across the road from the waterfront, which means most of the rooms have a fantastic view to look forward to.  It’s close to the markets and other attractions in Tangier.  Tangier also has an airport, making it easily accessible.  This hotel is 30 minutes from the airport and 500 meters from the train station.   Whether you’re here for a night like me, or here for the weekend, it’s a great central location.


Hotel Review: Kenzi Solazur Hotel in Tangier, Morocco


My view had an incredible view overlooking the bay of Tangier.  My bed was comfortable, the rooms were clean and most important for me, the Wi-Fi was great.  I know you would be pretty happy about that too! Rates start at €65, which I think that is reasonable for a hotel room with great facilities and great location.

There are some super fancy rooms on offer if you would like to splash out too.  They are amazing! Rates start at €145.


Hotel Review: Kenzi Solazur Hotel in Tangier, Morocco

The staff

A highlight for me was the staff.  I always think that customer service is key to running a hotel.  Coming from New Zealand, I find this to be an important aspect of the overall experience since us New Zealanders pride ourselves on great service.  As you may know, it can really ruin your day if you come across an unfriendly or unhelpful member of staff – but the staff here were super friendly and happy to help me with anything I needed.


Hotel Review: Kenzi Solazur Hotel in Tangier, Morocco Hotel Review: Kenzi Solazur Hotel in Tangier, Morocco

The facilities

The hotel is really big with a whopping 348 rooms.  You can also opt for the buffet breakfast if you wish which was plentiful.  Of course it’s a buffet so eat as much as you want!  When I stayed, the pool was getting upgraded, which is super exciting.  In the previous photos of the hotel, the pool was something that stuck out to me the most so I cannot wait to see what it will look like when it is all finished.  The hotel also has many conference rooms, a spa and fitness centre.  There is also a Gastronomic restaurant, buffet restaurant and a piano bar where you can chill for a drink while enjoying some live music.

Tangier has huge plans for the future, so that means this location will become quite popular.  The King is apparently putting a lot of effort and money into Tangier.  He has made it his priority to make Tangier the best it can be so I really believe that this destination is going to be the next hot destination for Europeans to visit.  If you want to read about the future plans of Tangier read this article.  Although my stay was short it was great to have such a modern and comfortable hotel to stay in with friendly staff and great facilities.  I will definitely be travelling back to Tangier in the near future.  If you would like to check out the hotel more don’t forget to head to their website to see more.


My stay at the Kenzi Solazur was sponsored however, as always, the opinions are my own and I would never recommend something if I didn’t fully like it.


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Hotel Review: Kenzi Solazur Hotel in Tangier, Morocco

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