Accessory Kit for GoPro

Accessory Kit for GoPro


  • Xtech Ideal GOPRO Hero Accessory Kit includes the Ideal Accessories for GoPro HERO4 Ssession, HERO4 Hero 4, GoPro Hero3+, GoPro Hero3, GoPro Hero2, GoPro HD Motorsports HERO, GoPro Surf Hero, GoPro Hero Naked, GoPro Hero 960, GoPro Hero HD 1080p, GoPro Hero2 Outdoor Edition Digital Cameras.
  • Includes a Head Strap Mount, 16GB High-Speed Memory Card, a universal card reader and a 12 inch Highly Flexible Tripod for capturing moments in extraordinary angles.
  • Includes a Well Padded Custom Case to fit many gadgets and accessories and a Sealed Floating Bobber Handle and Hand held Monopod plus with a Tripod mount for GoPro Cameras.
  • Includes a Remote control wrist strap, a floating foam strap, a mini table adjustable tripod, a card holder and a cleaning pen and air blower.
  • Includes a HeroFiber® Ultra gentle cleaning cloth designed for cleaning electronics and accessories.

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