Pros and Cons of Travelling with Your Best Friend

Pros and Cons of Travelling with Your Best Friend

Are you thinking about travelling with your bestie?  Way up the pros and cons before you commit to a holiday with them!


You get to share beautiful moments with your bestie.  I mean, could you ask for more?  This is something so special and that you can look back on when you’re old and crusty, that depends if you’re still friends by then!

You’re not travelling alone which means that may put your families’ minds at ease.  Also, knowing you are with someone you will be a bit more confident and you will feel a bit safer, plus if anyone hurts you, you know your friend will kick their arse.   This might be especially good if this is your first time travelling.

You both share similar interests, which means you should be able to pick things to do that you will both like, rather than bicker at each other constantly about which monument you want to see.

It’s cheaper to travel with your best friend!  For example, it is usually cheaper or the same price to stay at a hostel in your own double room rather than paying for a single bed in a dorm.  You can also cut your costs with by sharing essential travel services like a portable Wi-FI device or a VPN for Hot Spot users. If you are trying to save money with food, it will be cheaper to go to the supermarket and get the ingredients to cook your own food. Splitting that in half will make it cheap as chips!

You can collaborate and share your skills with each other. For example, one of you might have saved up a bunch of miles by using a travel rewards credit card. The best travel credit cards offer rewards like free flights for every dollar spent on everyday purchases. Or ,one person might be really good at directions and the other might be good at picking restaurants.  You can team your skills and have a hassle-free trip!

Pros and Cons of Travelling with Your Best Friend


Being together all the time could cause tension which may lead to arguments.  Because you are best friends you’ll get over it in a day or so, so don’t let that put you off.

You may share similar interests but you still might want to see different scenes and do different activities.

You may isolate yourself with your best friend which means you miss out on meeting some awesome people.  Having conversations with the locals and other random people is something that everyone has to do while travelling and by having a person with you, you may find yourself just talking to your friend and not making a effort to talk to anyone else.

Your plans might change and you just want to travel to a different part of the country while your friend might want to stay.  This is not necessarily a bad thing.  You can always meet up in a week or so and part your separate ways, so you can both explore where you want.  You do not want to regret not seeing or doing something because of someone else’s view.

Want to know some travel secrets?  Head over and look at my articles on ‘How to get free accommodation’ so you can cut the costs for your trip.  Have you ever travelled with your best friend?  Was it a nightmare or a trip of a lifetime?  Check out Agoda and Hostelworld for amazing deals on accommodation, I highly recommend them!

pro and cons of travelling with your best friend

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