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This page is full of juicy travel goodness, this is kind of like my Bible.  You will find lots of useful travel resources, websites, equipment and everything else I recommend for travelling.  It’s kind of like your one stop shop without the shopping… because it’s free! Unless you want to pay me, then lets talk!!

So where do I start?  I guess the first thing you want to do before a trip is research, I love this part.  If online researching was a job I would be CEO, I’m THAT into it.

Equipment I use

Go Pro Hero 3+ Silver

I only recently bought this and I said to myself if I don’t use it every week then I will just re-sell, but I have honestly used it more than my DSLR.  It takes great panoramic shots and finally I can take photos while swimming or when I’m near water.  My Go Pro is my life!!


Go Pro 3+ Dive Waterproof Housing 

Don’t forget about the waterproof housing so you can take videos and photos underwater!  I actually just leave my Go Pro in this 90% of the time just so it doesn’t get scratched.



Nikon D50 DSLR Camera – ‘Old School’

Yes, I use a camera that is over 10 years old but I love it.  It was given to me as a gift when I was about 15 years old and I still use it all over the world.  I would love to upgrade in the future to a DSLR with video too just to give me that extra option but for a basic camera, this is great and works for me.  Sometimes it’s not all about the  fancy equipment, it’s about how you take the photo.  Go NIKON!



GlocalMe G2 Mobile Wifi Hotspot

As a travel blogger this has made my life 100% easier.  I am able to connect to the internet wherever I am in the world for a small price.  I can also connect to my 3 devices all at once without using the hotspot on my phone which wrecks my battery.  This doubles as a power bank too and can last 15 hours!

Apple iPhone

Where would I be without my phone?  I don’t use it for photographs at all because I kinda left it on top of my car and it fell off at 80km soooo yeah….Let’s just say my pictures are spotty and scratched hence the Go Pro and DSLR.   Fantastic for keeping up my social media etc.





Toshiba Satellite L850 Laptop

Also another ‘oldie’ product!  I have loved this laptop, probably the best I have had so far so I would definitely recommend Toshiba.  Although it’s a bit chunkier than the new laptops nowadays it does the trick and is so far 4 years old.  You could say I treat my electronics like my babies and they seem to last a long time!



Samsung Galaxy Tab A 9.6-Inch Tablet

A recent purchase so I don’t have to take my chunky laptop on weekend trips away with me.  This can pretty much can do everything I can do on my laptop (except for website designing it’s a bit hard) at a fraction of the weight and size.  It’s a really handy device to have.  I also pair it with a ‘Logitech  Bluetooth Keyboard Case’ to make it easier to type.  It feels just like a laptop when you add this element.




How to Find Cheap Flights

Skyscanner is always my go-to.  I have booked all my flights through this search engine.  It’s very detailed and is a great start if you’re looking to see how much it is to go to a certain location. If you are totally open to the idea of going anywhere cheap, then just type into the search engine (in the ‘to’ section) ‘everywhere’, and it will show you the cheapest locations to fly to and from your location.  If you want to beat the system then make sure you read my post on ‘How to get the cheapest flight’.

Easyjet is essential if you are in Europe.  I used to use Easyjet or Ryanair (I’m not going to personally recommend them because their service is crap!) for all my weekend trips around Europe.  You can bag a flight for as little as $20, which is perfect if you are in need for a getaway.  Easyjet’s service is average but a hell of a lot better than Ryanair, you do get what you pay for I guess!

Expedia is a great all-rounder for flights and accommodation.  Some Skyscanner flights will direct you to Expedia if they have the cheapest fares to offer.

Skypicker is another great budget flight searcher.  Skyscanner usually refers me to Skypicker because most of the time they are the cheapest.  I have booked with them several times so I can personally recommend using them.  

Love Holidays offer affordable travel packages and hotel deals throughout the world.  You can book a holiday with just a £29 deposit!

AirWander is a new favourite of mine!  Airwander lets you add multiple stopovers to your trip, which is perfect if you’re planning a long journey.  When I travel from Europe to New Zealand I ALWAYS try and do a couple of stopovers on the way, but doing so can sometimes make it more expensive when purchasing through one site at one time.  Airwander is different and is changing the whole online flight purchasing game!


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How to Find Cheap Accommodation 

Hostelworld is a great site for finding accommodation.  From low-budget to the more expensive hostels it’s a great site to do a little research!  Hostels are a great place to stay if you’re trying to save some money.  Not only that but it’s a great place to meet like-minded travellers. Read my post on ‘How to make friends in a hostel’!

Trusted House Sitters is a site where you can stay for free in other people’s home, and in return you look after their house and/or pets! It’s a great plan if you want to stay somewhere for a week and get to know where you are and not wanting to pay the price for a hotel or hostel. The bonus of having a house to yourself is that you will have your own living space and a bedroom to yourself which is perfect for late night dancing in your pyjamas!

GuestToGuest (formally Trampolinn) is an awesome, awesome site. The whole concept is you earn points that can buy you a nights accommodation anywhere in the world.  You can earn points by simply making a profile, hosting someone in your home, or referring your friends to the site!  It’s all free to use and you get to meet great people.  You can use your points to get  a room or even rent a whole house!

Couchsurfing is taking the travel community by storm.  It’s a great site where you can meet and stay with random people on their couches!  Of course with things like this you do have to be careful and do a little research about the people you are going to stay with, but the site is a great concept.

Agoda is a website where you can book all your hotels that are situated around the world. They offer huge discounts and awesome deals.  I use them any time I need a hotel in Asia.  They offer budget hotels to beautiful luxurious ones, check them out ASAP!

Hostelz has the largest database of hostel listings on the entire web!  This site combines all the popular websites such as Hostelworld, Hostelbookers and to give you the website where you can find the cheapest price and a summary of review ratings.  This is a great starting point when looking for hostel accommodation wherever you are in the world!


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Travel Guides

Lonely planet is an obvious choice.  Their guides are so bloody good and just full of juicy information.  You don’t have to just buy paper books anymore, you can download travel guides so you have them on your phone or iPad.  Great idea if you want to save on a bit of weight in your luggage.  Lonely planet is the God of all travel guides!

Tripadvisor is so so good as well.  It’s a great site where you can search for things to do, places to stay and what to eat, it’s all based on people’s reviews which is fantastic because you can find some great places on here with real opinions from real people.  Get the TripAdvisor app so you can check what’s good in your area on the go!

Travel Diseases Vaccination Guide.  Heading abroad can be the most rewarding, scary, exhilarating, and life changing moment in every young adult’s life.  This is a fantastic guide to help you understand travel diseases and vaccinations to consider. 

Tour Packages

Topdeck is a great tour group for 18-30 somethings that have tours all around the world.  What I loved about Topdeck is that they are full of awesome information, you generally have a great time and learn a tonne of stuff. The advantages of joining a tour group are here.

Contiki is another fun tour group for the same age group.  With Contiki, you are always guaranteed a good time.  Contiki is a bit more of a publicly recognized tour company but I can’t compare the two tour groups because they are both really good and are run by awesome people! - Stuff I love-

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Favourite Bloggers


Favourite You Tubers Work with me

Random Bits and Bobs 

My current new favourite app is the HerePin app.  You can connect with travellers in your area which means you never have to travel alone again. It’s easy to use and a great way to meet up with travellers to do stuff with whilst on your travels or just to have someone to go for a drink with!

Check out ‘How Much Is It‘ to get an insider about how much airport parking costs around the world.

If you don’t feel like going through the hassle of airport parking then choose Blanklane for all your airport transportation needs.  They offer a worldwide service along with a complimentary wait time of 60 minutes, so you don’t have to worry if you’re running a little late!

Want to look stylish while travelling the world?  Make sure you check out LYST for all your fashion needs.

Photobox is a great website to send all your travel photos to print.  They also do amazing photo books so you can keep your travelling memories in one place.  It is always a good idea to have a hard copy of photos in case a sudden loss of technology!

Need travel insurance? Check out my post on ‘How to pick travel insurance’ and also I can personally recommend World Nomads.  They are an awesome travel insurance company with very reasonable prices compared to most travel insurance companies!


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