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Hello there business-ey person.  Welcome to my pocket on the internet!  I run a travel blog called ‘Anita Hendrieka’ as you can already see in your URL…

Who and what is Anita Hendrieka?

Anita Hendrieka is a blog designed for budget-conscious backpackers, solo travellers and adventure seekers.  Anita Dykstra first started blogging in 2011 with the vision to inspire people with her lifestyle articles.  Since then, she has evolved into a passionate travel blogger where you can follow her travelling adventures, and her website has become a base for backpackers and travellers all over the world to collect real and useful travel advice.  She started  professionally travel blogging in January 2015 and since then her numbers and followers are rapidly increasing.  Everything she writes is genuine and is what she has personally experienced or feelings on a topic.  Her main motivation is to get people off their couches and outside to see something new today.


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Tourism Boards I Have Worked With…

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I love collaborating with companies in the travel industry.  Whether you want to do a project together, invite me to explore new places, or to test out activities, I am happy to do so and I love sharing everything with my readers.  All my travel advice is based on personal experiences and hours of research, and I love sharing exciting adventures, reviews of accommodation, and any activities!

Anita Hendrieka


I have many great forms of advertising that I offer here on my website and on my social media accounts.  Please email for prices.

Sponsored Articles.  I can write an article that will include a link to your site!  You can send me products or introduce me to the company and I will write an article based on my experience or my thoughts on the matter.  Please do not get in touch if your company is not at all travel related.  Email me at telling me your idea and I will get back to you with a price!  I have worked with many travel companies including Flight Centre, Thomson UK, Trek America, Wexas Travel, Norwegian Cruise Line and many more!  With a DA of 40, my website is authoritative making it a fantastic place to promote your company or product.

Place a link in an already established page.  I can insert a link into a blog post of your choice that has already been published.  Please email me at to get a quote.

Place a link in my ‘Stuff I Love’ page.  I can insert a link into one of my most popular pages where I list all the stuff I love.  Please note that I have to actually like the company or product to recommend it to my readers.  I will never recommend something that I have never used before or don’t agree with.  Please email for a quote.

Social media link back.  I can use my social media outlets to advertise you.  I have a combined following of over 16,000 people on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest.  Read my media kit below to get an idea of how big my audience is!  Prices vary for each social media account.

The banner ad.  I can place ads within posts that I publish.  The dimensions are 720 x 60.

Sidebar feature.  If you are a travel blogger or a travel company and you would like a spot in the most valuable spot on my website, then contact me!  I display 3 at one time.  Right side banners are 300 x 250.


Disclaimer: I will never advertise something I don’t agree with or that is not travel related so I’m not interested in advertising teeth whitener!  Although you can send me some of that if you like 😉


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I would love to…

Be a brand ambassador

If you own an awesome travel-related company and want an influencer with thousands of followers to promote your products, then look no further because you have found the right person!   Picking a blogger to promote your product or service has many benefits and your product will reach a far bigger and more engaged audience than other forms of advertising.


Review- Anita Hendrieka Review- Lifeventure Festival Survival Kit

Be a reviewer…

Hmm, doesn’t sound like an official job title, but I promise you it is!  If you want me to explore a specific city, country, activity, restaurant or travel related item that you would like to promote, I would love to hear from you!  I am a very good tester on all things travel related, and would be happy to test it out in return for my opinion and some promotion on my social media outlets.  If it’s really good then I may write an article on it!  Earlier this year I got picked by Kerala Tourism to spend 2 weeks in Kerala, India on the Kerala Blog Express!


Have one of my articles published…

I would absolutely love to hear from you if you find any of my posts super interesting and want to publish them.  Magazines, newspapers or blogs, prices are negotiable.  Please always ask permission and do not copy and paste any of my posts.  My tiny little fingers have worked long and hard into making these articles for you!


Take over your social media…

Not in a viking kind of way!  I love to do Instagram, Twitter and Facebook takeovers!  These can be fantastic to grow your community, increase engagement, and promote a product or event.  We can even go further and I can manage one of your social media accounts to increase your following and engagement.


Hire me!  I would love to be a regular writer for your website…

Anita is a pleasure to work withalways friendly, flexible and full of brilliant tips personally sourced from her wide travels. Combined with her enthusiasm and dependability, she makes for the perfect, professional travel blogger!” – Heather,

If you love what I do and my writing style, then why not hire me as a regular contributor?  I currently write for Hostelbookers, Cheapflights and  Please email me to get examples of my work.



If you are interested in any of these ideas or if you have any new ideas you would like to pitch, please contact me over at and I will get back to you soon as possible.